Danon Silver Heart Shaped Drop Earrings

What About Danon Jewellery as a Mother’s Day Gift?

Mother’s Day (just when is Mother’s Day? It varies by country…) is always a very special time of year. It’s the day we can all show our Mothers how much we really do appreciate them, so rather than flowers or chocolates this year, why not treat her to a stunning piece of Danon Jewellery?

When you are thinking about a beautiful piece of jewellery it does not always have to come with a huge price tag. The beauty of Danon Jewellery as a Mother’s Day gift is that Danon have a range of pieces within their collection to suit all pockets. Lets look at just some of the most popular items from within Danon’s collection that you could treat your Mum with on her very special day.

Firstly, Danon create a multitude of different pieces and designs including their timeless classics as well as seasonal items. While your Mother will no doubt have her own favourite style and pieces of jewellery, you could opt to play safe or go for something a little different to add to her collection. It really does not matter how large or small her collection is.

Now if you don’t live near Mum or want to surprise her with a gift that’s delivered, here is some of the more popular Danon Jewellery items that you can buy on line from Lizzielane.com without breaking the bank and yet blowing your Mum away at the same time.

Danon Earrings

Danon Silver Heart Shaped Drop Earrings

Danon Silver Heart Shaped Drop Earrings

Danon have a huge variety of different styles of earrings available, so whether you want to buy hand made studs, hook, or loop earrings, you will have lots of choice. One of our recommendations is some of the “Signature” Heart themed earrings that seem to be very popular.

Danon Necklaces

A necklace can be a wonderful piece of jewellery as a Mother’s Day gift. Imagine the surprise and joy on your Mum’s face when she receives a beautiful chunky Danon necklace. Hand made by the team at Danon, everyone is unique and the advantage for you is that you’ll be able to match it up to other Danon jewellery in coming years!

Danon Bracelets or Bangles

The world is your oyster and your choice of a gift for your Mother could be a Danon Bracelet or Bangle that you matched to suit her personality. You can choose any thing from a bronze bangle to buying half a dozen less expensive and equally gorgeous fashion bangles or bracelets. You know your Mum best…

Matching Danon Jewellery

No matter what piece of Danon you initially buy as a gift for Mother’s Day, one of the best kept secrets of Danon is that you can usually find a matching piece within their accompanying collections e.g. If you decide to go for a chunky silver bracelet, then at a future occasion, you could buy the matching necklace or earrings!

So if you are like me and wondered, “what Mother’s Day gift” can I buy for Mum this year I hope you have found my ideas and suggestions helpful. Especially, as you now know, jewellery is not just about silver and gold!! Or even just diamonds. It can be beautiful, stunning and certainly not cost the earth either. As far as Mothers are concerned when it comes to us, their children or in my case, an approaching middle aged adult…it really is the thought that counts . I should know; whatever my children buy me, I love.


danon signature heart jewellery collection

Danon Jewellery the Signature Heart Collection

Summer is here at last and the promise of the long hot summer days and cool evenings ahead when we can dress with effortless ease was my inspiration for creating the Summer 2013 Danon Jewellery signature heart mood board.

I believe beautiful jewellery should be worn and loved everyday and the stunning collection of Danon signature heart silver necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bangles and rings has everything you need to enhance your outfits this summer. The range includes chunky statement necklaces and bracelets to Danon’s more understated dainty styles.

The Danon Signature Heart Collection

The Danon Signature Heart Collection is a classic timeless collection of exquisite hand-crafted silver and gold designer jewellery and gifts, suitable for women and girls of all ages. Each piece is as fashionable as it is unique and is created by the exceptional marriage of the most innovative technology, time-honoured craftsmanship and loving attention to detail.

I love wearing bright colours in the summer, so to complement my favourite pieces of jewellery from the Danon silver signature heart collection I have chosen this lovely Italian tailored citrus orange summer dress with a pair of silver leather strappy sandals. The Danon long silver double heart necklace looks fabulous worn with any outfit, you can adjust it to be worn short or long taking you from day to night in a few simple steps, and when teamed with the Danon Silver Cube Chunky Signature Heart Bracelet it creates a fabulous stunning summer look.

danon signature heart jewellery collection

Danon’s Signature Heart Collection

All pieces from the Danon Signature Heart Collection are available from my favourite UK on-line boutique Lizzielane.com as well as other Danon Jewellery stockists.


Evening look

Danon Jewellery teamed with what’s hot for Spring/Summer 2013 top fashion trends

Danon Jewellery Fashion Ideas

Danon Jewellery the evening look.

Spring is the perfect time to organise your wardrobe into easy to wear outfits and accessories for every occasion.

Over the coming months I will be selecting some of my favourite Danon bracelets, necklaces, bangles, earrings and rings to accompany what’s hot from the Spring/Summer 2013 fashion tends.

Danon are renowned world wide for their unique and desirable designer fashion jewellery. Each piece of jewellery has been loving hand-crafted with personal attention to detail and plated with real silver on pewter to give optimum lustre and durability. Danon Jewellery is synonymous today with authentic and accurate design alongside exquisite quality and finish which are showcased at some of the world’s leading boutiques and design houses.

The first look for this season is Sheer from top fashion designers such as Stella McCartney. The charcoal Illusion party dress has teamed effortlessly with the latest heart design from Danon and a pair of killer heels to complete the look.for a classic, chic look to wear in the evening.

The Danon Jewellery I have chosen for this evening outfit is chic and stylish to enhance the simple beauty of the dress. Wearing this long silver Danon chunky necklace and heart bracelet with a simple dress adds interest and texture, transforming your look in seconds.

All pieces from the Danon Collection are available from my favourite UK on-line boutique Lizzielane.com as well as other Danon Jewellery stockists.

Danon Necklace: Danon Long Silver Plated Large Heart Necklace with Flower Design

Danon Bracelet: Danon Silver Plated Large Heart Charm Bracelet with Flower Design

Danon Ring: Danon Chunky Silver Ring With Single Large Crystal

Danon Earrings: Danon Hook Earrings With Silver Heart

Danon Family

Danon Jewellery Makes an Ideal Christmas Gift

(All Danon Jewellery supplied by Lizzielane.co.uk)

An excellent gift idea for Christmas would be a piece of Danon jewellery.  Whoever the recipient is, they will really treasure an item of Danon as it’s a long-lasting gift, with many pieces being timeless design classics.  Whether it’s a gift for your other half or for another family member, you can be sure it will be loved.

Who are Danon?

Danon Family

The Danon Family

Danon jewellery is still created by the same family who first set up their the original Danon workshop back in 1975.  They are well known for their much loved, classic “Heart Jewellery” of which they hand create every piece, all of which have one or two of their signature Hearts.

Nowadays, Danon jewellery can be found and bought in specialist jewelers, high street fashion shops, or from one of the many specialist boutique jewellery websites that offer much more choice, as well as saving you both time and money.

Take it Easy & Shop Online for Danon Jewellery

We all know how stressful the build up to Christmas can be and this is another reason why shopping online for Danon jewellery can be a much more enjoyable experience.  Consider the alternative – driving through busy traffic, trying to find a parking space, traipsing around the shops, wasting time in queues, etc, etc, etc.

Instead, by shopping online you can relax at home in your favourite chair with your laptop and perhaps a festive drink.  When you shop for Danon online you can quickly browse the pages and categories of many different sites, searching for that ideal jewellery gift.

Be on the lookout for online shops that offer fast free delivery.  It’s no good buying from sites that take a week or two to deliver your items, especially when there are some that can deliver it within a day or two without that dreaded additional “delivery charge”.

You’ll also be able to compare prices from other sites to make sure you get the best deal you can, although remember – cheapest is not always best.  It’s best to buy from a site that looks reputable, has a full contact address including a telephone number and also encrypts any pages where you have to enter information on the site whilst going through their checkout, for example; your billing address and your delivery address if different.  How do you know  the page is encrypted?  It’s easy, always remember to look in the browser URL bar for the padlock symbol as well as the website address beginning with “https” instead of “http”.

So now you have a better idea of which sites to use and how to tell the reputable sites from the ones you’d best avoid, you might still be struggling to think which piece of jewellery would be the best one to buy as a gift.

Choosing the Right Piece of Danon Jewellery

Image of Danon Silver Twin Heart Necklace

Danon Silver Twin Heart Necklace

All Danon jewellery is all manufactured by hand to the same exacting standards, with various different finishes.  Each piece is manufactured with pewter and zinc as the base materials, which are then plated with real gold, silver or bronze to give a completely different look to jewellery pieces that are based on the same designs.

You won’t go far wrong if you select one of the exciting Danon necklaces.  These are available in many different styles and materials, as well as lengths and with price options that should suit any budget.

Danon Silver Chunky Heart Stud Earrings

Danon Silver Chunky Heart Stud Earrings

Earrings are a fabulous stocking filler and surprisingly easy to buy – all you really need to know about the women you are buying the gift for is, does she prefer big or small earrings? It’s that simple. Danon produce some amazing earrings in studs and drops and we would suggest any of the heart themed earrings as a great starting point. For each special occasion you can add to their collection with a co-ordinating Danon bracelet and bangle.

Danon also create a simply stunning collection of bracelets and bangles featuring many different styles.  Perhaps their most popular range is their chunky bracelets, which are available in silver or bronze and feature their signature heart charm.  Although many Danon bracelets feature this Heart charm, equally as many don’t, so it’s worth looking at the full range before making your decision.

Which ever way you look at, an item of Danon Jewellery will make an excellent gift this Christmas.

danon gold and silver heart bracelet

Danon Bracelets with Silver Charms Make a Come Back

It once was thought that charm bracelets had been fashion statements intended only for little girls and perhaps grandmas, but their sales just recently have begun picking up in a big way. Females of every age group are once again wearing them to remind them of their children, their hobbies, where they grew up, to remind them of their favourite holidays or trips and even to mark special occasions they want to remember.

Danon Bracelet with Gold and Silver Heart Charms

Danon Bracelet with Gold and Silver Heart Charms

Danon Bracelet with Gold and Silver Heart Charms

Charm bracelets seem to be fashionable again, and they are becoming very popular. If you’re considering a piece of jewellery any sort of time in the near future, then a charm bracelet should be at the top of your list and for inspiration, look no further than Danon Bracelets from Lizzielane.com.

Listed here are several of the explanations why people are choosing yet again to bring a charm bracelet within their jewellery collections.

Charm Bracelets Can be Modified to Fit the Occasion

Many individuals that are in the market for buying jewellery want an item with some day-to-day versatility. They’re looking for a little something that they are able to individualize, up-date, liven up, or dress down on an impulse.

Charm bracelets are among one of the most preferred kinds of jewellery due to the fact that they meet those needs, as well as offer the individual with the capability to alter it should the celebration call for it. You can continue to add to it with ready-made charm pieces, have custom charms created, pick different charm motifs or themes for different occasions, or take off all the charms to be able to wear a straightforward bracelet when the mood strikes you.

Charm Bracelets Can Easily Be Produced Around an Individual Theme

Should you desire a piece of jewellery that is going to represent your youngsters’s

Danon Charm Bracelet

Danon Charm Bracelet

success at school, your own lifetime mile stones or achievements, or maybe something special that happened whilst on holiday, look no further.

A good charm bracelet will be able to show these off with space to spare. The ability to have a selection of special symbols or charms on your bracelet is what helps make charm bracelets so in demand.  Regardless of whether you opt to collect charms that you consider significant or charms you simply feel are attractive, this piece of jewellery delivers you with a bare canvas for your own personal “bling collage”.

Charm Bracelets Are Only Constrained By Your Inspiration

So you have actually come to the conclusion that your next item of jewellery will certainly be a charm bracelet.

Exactly what now?

Event CharmsThere are a great number of charm selections so that it can be difficult to decide where to start! We’d suggest you start by thinking about what is essential to you and just what you feel enthusiastic about. Do you have a teenager who might be attending college or university?

If that’s the case, you could try to obtain a charm to represent the school. Do you have a favourite sports team? Mascots can certainly make really lovely charms. How about your youngsters’s names or astrological signs?

Charm Bracelets Are Budget-Conscious

You may perhaps desire a charm-packed bracelet, and yet you don’t realistically have the Birthday Charmsfunds to make it happen right now – Charm bracelets can be expensive to buy that way. It is a typical problem, yet there are several budget-conscious ways to acquire a bounteous charm bracelet.

You could possibly begin with perhaps one or two charms and add in others whenever you could afford them. There’s no guideline or rule that states your bracelet needs to be whole from the beginning.

The bracelets are prominent once again and the charms are conveniently available, plus they can be bought to symbolize nearly anything and every little thing that is crucial in your life.

Danon Charm Bracelet with Silver and Gold Heart Charms

Danon Charm Bracelet with Silver and Gold Heart Charms

So, what are you waiting for? Get hold of a pen and some paper and get started on putting together a list of must-have charms that you can purchase from your preferred jewellery specialty shop.

When your Danon Bracelet is eventually jingling away on your wrist, you will be so happy you did!

If you are looking for more jewellery ideas, have a read of this article I wrote about Danon Jewellery.

Does Cheap Jewellery Harm You?

Does Cheap Jewellery Harm You?

Does Cheap Jewellery Harm You?

Does Cheap Jewellery Harm You?

We have witnessed a certain amount of reporting in the newspapers and on the world-wide-web lately that low-cost fashion jewellery may be damaging to females skin. Lately several newspapers had been pursuing stories saying low cost jewellery could potentially cause rashes along with other skin problems for the people who wear them.

Precisely how then are you able to be certain that all the jewellery you buy is without a doubt of excellent quality and craftsman ship?

If you’re inside a shopping mall retailer you could make contact with and touch the jewellery to evaluate the standard as well as having the opportunity to literally “check it out” by trying it on.

Danon Heart Bracelet

Danon Heart Bracelet

But, while shopping online for costume jewellery, you can not do this.

Being an on-line consumer you are very limited by how you can determine if the items are of a good and decent level of quality.

All is not lost though – Beneath you’ll find many ways you’ll be able to shop online for quality jewellery.


Check that the website sells nickel free jewellery – Since nickel is an element that’s been acknowledged in the past being a factor that may be attributed to  leading to skin irritations amidst many wearers.

Check out product photographs   – Terribly developed photos that show the jewellery poorly generally means a low quality item.

Search for the full contact information including address and telephone number of this web-site – In cases where aren’t any then there is also a good possibility they may perhaps be promoting poor items.

Make sure you look for shopper testimonials – if a prior buyer has experienced issues with a particular piece of jewelry consequently so will you.

Look for the websites’ returns guidelines – They should clearly state that should the jewellery just isn’t appropriate you are able to send it back for them for a refund.

Regrettably even after carrying out all these checks you can’t be certain that any jewellery purchased over the internet is going to be of an excellent level of quality and never bring about any sort of skin complications.

The best way forward is to buy a recognized and respected brand of costume jewellery such as Danon.  Danon Jewellery has been created by the Danon family within their factories’ located in Israel’s capitol, Tel Aviv ever since 1975.

Danon Jewellery is Nickel Free

Danon Jewellery is Nickel Free

Finally, simply because an internet retailer advertises “cheap jewellery” it doesn’t signify that the jewelry they stock and sell is junk.  In the current economic climate everybody is searching for a good deal and merchants are attempting to have customers to spend as much as they can. Remember the two old sayings – “buy cheap buy twice” as well as “you get what you pay for“.  These two are particularly correct when it comes to purchasing jewellery.

With any luck , you can now shop on the internet for Danon jewelry being a bit more comfortable that your items you purchase may well not result in skin complications.

Shady Chap

Danon Jewellery – Is it right for you?

Finding the most up to date and valuable jewellery information and facts is not always an easy course of action.

There exists a lot of info accessible on the internet that you just may possibly soon become conflicted as to which information and facts will likely be useful for your requirements.

You’re in luck. Listed here you will discover among the best jewellery suggestions out there.

Shady Chap

I wouldn’t buy jewellery from him…

Sooner or later in your life, perhaps you have been approached by an amiable unknown person inside a retail outlet car park, proclaiming to be employed at a big outlet and after that proposing to peddle one a piece of jewellery with an incredibly reduced price. If you have learned this expression, “buyer beware” this is the time for you to heed such thoughts and even disappear. Quite often it will be simply gold plated and definitely will transform colouring inside a month or so. If you think maybe it might be the real deal suggest to go to any pawn outlet to test its purity. If they refuse simply walk away before you get tricked.

If you are washing jewellery above the sink, be sure that your drain is blocked. Too often, a precious piece of jewellery can easily slip out of your hands and fingers if it is covered in detergent. If you should cover the drain, the jewelry won’t fall into your drainpipe.

Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink

There are numerous people who throw hard earned money to waste in order to purchase some overpriced piece of jewelry which they do not require. Keep your money and buy “knock off’s”. You can find types that look just like the original but can cost around 70% lower.

Cabochon can be a very popular format when it comes to fashion jewellery pieces. Typically the clean, rounded edges place the pinpoint the stunning colour in addition to translucence on the gemstones inside, and so are convenient as they do not have a tendency to catch on anything. This makes all of them especially suitable to young people and teens.

A growing pattern throughout jewellery stands out as the output of eco-friendly jewellery which can be made of reused metals, along with organic and natural substances. Usually most items that are usually eco-friendly or recycled are composed of gold and silver for the production of bangles. If you would like lower the negative impacts of metal mining being the leading poisonous polluter inside of The United States, start to incorporate environmentally friendly Danon jewellery directly into your way of life.

Danon Jewellery Logo

Danon Jewellery – Creative, Charming And Chic

Danon Jewellery’s Origins

Danon Jewellery Logo

Danon’s Logo

Danon Jewellery was established in Tel Aviv Israel in 1975. From a small family run workshop, their jewellery gained popularity and is now exported all over the world. It is still made in Israel by family members to this day. What makes this jewellery so special is that it is stylish, exciting, eye catching and extremely wearable. That it is also extremely affordable as well is a bonus which shows the passion of the first-rate craftsmen and designers in putting a quality product to market at a great price. Therefore Danon jewellery makes a perfect gift or just as a treat for yourself. A family member is still head of the design team and says that Danon draw their influences from a melting pot of cultural influences resulting in this eclectic mix of sensational pieces.

Danon Heart Earrings

Danon Heart Earrings

Pewter and zinc are cast as the base metal and then plated with silver, yellow gold, bronze and rose gold.  The different coloured plating throw a different look to the same design which is a great choice to have.  The range features rings, bracelets, bangles pendants, necklaces, earrings and gift ware.

Silver Danon Jewellery

The silver pewter is especially attractive and a recurring feature of Danon jewellery is a very chic stylised heart pendant that pops up on exquisite link bracelets, earrings, necklaces and bangles. The pieces can be clustered together for a real rock chick look or singly for a more classic look. It really is jewellery that traverses several style channels and is at home and at ease in all of them. The heart pendant looks almost ethereal when worn with a floaty dress, yet worn with a vest top and leather jacket looks positively edgy.

Rose quartz, pearl and turquoise are featured on the drop stone bangles which also include the heart in its mini form. Several of these can be worn together or stand alone they are simplicity and beauty itself.  Chunky barrel bracelets are perfect for everyday wear for a casual look and what is so rewarding about this range is that the jewellery can be mixed and matched yet still look like co-ordinated pieces as they are linked by the heart, a stone, a shape or a texture – such is the beauty of pewter. Particularly exquisite pieces are in the rose gold coloured pewter and consist of a cube bracelet with heart and a set of rose gold coloured pewter heart earrings. These sets which can be bought separately add real glamour to an outfit or as a gift is sure to be well-received.

Danon Jewellery – It’s Stylish, Contemporary Yet Classic


Charm Bracelet

Charm Bracelet

Danon jewellery uses leather as part of some of its creations and these are often pendants on multiple leather cords that. Some pendants are very contemporary in squares and circles, hammered metal or inset with semi-precious stones while other pendant types are traditional symbols and more classical.  Lapis lazuli, Cornelian, and turquoise are all featured. Charm bracelets are perfectly, well, charming and have a series of traditional charms, kabbalah bracelets, flowers, heart and doves featured. Some bracelets are dainty and others are chunky and some are even on leather cords. The design work of Danon jewellery is stylish, contemporary yet classic all at the same time which is a superb achievement.